Vision, Mission and Goals

Rayat Shikshan Santh's Vision and Mission

Vision :

Education to all the classes of society, especially to the downtrodden, economically and socially backward sections of society there is a need to reconsider the present education at all its levels. The globalization and liberalization have changed all the concerns and references. It is necessary to deviate from the traditional methods and use the new methods and technology for imparting education. In view of this the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha has actively started the process of adjusting with new trends.


      To impart liberal and vocational education, from pre-primary to university level,to the rising generations.
  1. To provide education to the people from remote places, tribal, rural, semi-urban and urban areas by establishing educational institutions.
  2. To provide education to all the classes of society, especially to the downtrodden, economically and socially backward sections of society.
  3. To provide education to women by establishing girls’ schools, highschools and colleges.
  4. To provide training and quality improvement of teachers and non-teaching employees of the Sanstha.
  5. To enrich the dignity of labour and to make arrangements for providing education against manual labour.
  6. To promote the acquisition of knowledge and to offer opportunities for upgrading the knowledge, training and skills in all fields of human endeavour by developing educational network with use of modern communication media and technologies.
  7. To promote among the students a sense of equality, national integration, social justice and to act as a catalyst in socio-economic transformation for national development.
  8. To make arrangements for promoting healthy atmosphere, corporate life and welfare of students and employees.


Objectives of the Sanstha:     

  1. The quality improvement programmes at 10th and 12th levels for strengthening teaching-learning.
  2. Making changes for improvement in quality merit right from 4th onword through various teaching aids and resources.
  3. Orientation and training programmes for the teachers on the new methods and techniques of teaching.
  4. Providing at least one job oriented course to the students along with conventional university courses/degrees.
  5. Starting courses especially for girls in all colleges to make them self reliant, to stand on their own.
  6. Introduction of system to prepare students competently for competitive examinations.
  7. Framing new short term courses related to management studies.
  8. Making MS-CIT course available to know the needs of BPO services and for the preparation of software. MOU with bio-technology institutions and universities.
  9. Paying attention on the changes occurring after 2005 and retaining leading position of the Sanstha in the process of modern education.


Veer Wajekar Arts, Science and Commerce College,

Mahalan Vibhag, Phunde (Uran). Navi Mumbai 400 702.


                                       AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF COLLEGE

  • To create an environment for learning.
  • To cultivate goods tastes in the students and to help them achieve excellence.
  • To inculcate good human values in the students.
  • To encourages self-reliance, independent thinking, innovativeness creativity and above all a sense of self-worth.
  • To train the students into perfect exercise and kingly continence of their bodies and souls.
  • To imbibe in them social commitment and a sense of nationality.