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About Department

Veer Wajekar A.S.C. College, Phunde, Tal-Uran, Dist-Raigad is situated at coastal, tribal and hilly area of Maharashtras’ western region. The Department of Geography  of this college is established on June 1989. It is oldest department of the college having six units of Geography .At present, in two  permanent faculty members are wokng In Geography department  one  faculty member is NET qualified and one faculty member doing   Ph.D.  There are no technical support staffs. We have good tradition of results. All the faculty members work from bottom of the heart for improving strength and quality of the students. The result of T.Y.B.A. Semester VI (April 2018) was 92.50   %It is higher than university result. In 2018-19 our department student Miss. Mhatre Dipmala Narayan  was First Rank Holder of Arts Faculty in our college.

          All the teachers use ICT in teaching and learning. Online video lectures, PPP lectures, e-books, CDs and LCD projector are used by the faculty members.Department of Geography organized One day Workshop University Level . Revised syllabus 2016-17 F.Y.B.A. With the help of BOS & University of Mumbai  and  Advance & Slow learners programme, Group Discussion, Seminars, Group Dissection, Calibration of Geography Day, Guest Lecturer   & Study tour for uplifting and quality improvement of the students.In the year 2018-19 twenty four  students have enrolled for six units under the well experienced direction and guidance of Hon. Prin. Dr. G. T. Sangale, the department is progressing fast.In the academic year 2017-18 the Development of Geography  has conducted three months short term course in ‘Travel and Tourism ’ for third year students.

Faculty Details: 

Sr. No.
Name of Teacher
Teaching Experience
Contact No.
1 Prof. Kengar D.A.


Assist. Prof.

M.A. , B.Ed. 26 years 9021610979 Dilipkengar@gmailcom
2 Prof. Kamble R.D. Assist. Prof. M.A. , B.Ed., NET




Research Activities

  • Research Project:
    Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Title of Research Project
    Grant Received
    Funding Agency
    Status of Project
    1 Prof. Kengar D.A. Tourism and Job Opportunities Under The Influence Of  Third Mumbai 37,000 BCUD University completed
    2 Prof. Kamble R.D. Study of  Agricultural Activities in Uran  A  Geographical Perspective 30,000 BCUD University Ongoing
  • Research Publications:
    Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Number of Research Papers/Books published in Peer Reviewed/International/National Journal
    1 Prof. Kengar D.A. 5
    2 Prof. Kamble R.D. 12
  • Research Publications Book:
    Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Books published
    1 Prof. Kengar D.A. 1
    2 Prof. Kamble R.D. 5
  • Conferences/Symposia/Seminars/Workshops:
    Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Theme of Conferences/Symposia/Seminars/Workshops
    1 Prof. Kengar D.A. 20    
    2 Prof. Kamble R.D. 20    
  • Awards/Recognition received by Teachers:
    Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Title of Awards/Recognitions
    1 Prof. Kengar D.A. —– —– —–
    2 Prof. Kamble R.D. —– —– —–

Prominent Alumni: 

Sr. No.
Name of Alumni
1 Bhoir Akshy Service (Warehousing )
2 Jaikishan Prashant Mokal Service
3 Thakur Avesh Bipin Marayin sarvice


  • Final year Student:
    Sr. No.
    Academic year
    Result in %
    University Result %
    1 2012-2013 T.Y.B.A. 100 %  
    2 2013-2014 T.Y.B.A. 100 %  
    3 2014-2015 T.Y.B.A. 93 %  
    4 2015-2016 T.Y.B.A. 97.61. %  
    5 2016-2017 T.Y.B.A. 100 %  
    6 2017-2018 T.Y.B.A. 92.50   %  
  • Rank Holder:
    Sr. No.
    Academic year
    Name of Student
    Marks obtained %
    University Result %
    1 2012-2013 Banda Poonam Mahadev 67.33  
        Banda Nitesh Vasant 66  
    2 2013-2014 Gharat Ujjala Prakash 80  
        Koli Pranali Subhash 77.5  
    3 2014-2015 Thakur Mayuri Ananda 81  
        Thakur Dilip Dasharath 78.66  
    4 2015-2016 Koli Namit Sagar 83.5  
        Thakur Chinamay Anant 77.5  
    5 2016-2017 Koli Harshadha Shanker 82.83  
        Phundekar Priti Rajaram 79.33  
    6 2017-2018 Mhatare Dipmala Narayan 77.5  
    7   Thakur Jivita Natha 75.83  
      2018-19 Sem – V Thakur Darshani Subhash 70.83  
        Thakur Sonali Gopal 70.33  

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