Department of Rural Development

About Department: 

Rayat Shikshan Sanstha is determined towards delivering quality education for Agri – Koli and other backward class students from the community in the area. The department of Rural Development runs U.G. and P.G. level programs. We strive to make them capable, responsible citizens through quality education and strong value systems by providing conductive environment offering multiple opportunities to educate themselves across the geography. Our Students and faculties are associated with various Non Governmental Organisation and various field visits are conducted for learning practical base of the course.

In 1989, college started Rural Development course where six papers are taught F.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.A. and T.Y.B.A. level. From 2008 – 09 college introduced M.A. course which was not available prior in Uran taluka.

Vision :- Providing quality in research and higher learning in rural and urban areas keeping in view the social needs in global content.

Mission :- Promulgate knowledge, develop competencies and  provide for research & development in emerging areas of Rural Development.

Goal :- Explore opportunities to develop the personality and augment untapped potential & all round development of the students and carry responsible community service while exploring students interest about desired change in the society.  

Faculty Details:

Sr. No.
Name of Teacher
Teaching Experience
Contact No.
1Dr. V. S. MahaleAssistant Professor

M. A.,


2Dr. R. S. MhatreAssociate Professor

M. A.,



Research Activities

  • Research Project: 
    Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Title of Research Project
    Grant Received
    Funding Agency
    Status of Project
    01Dr. R. S. MhatreThe Assessment of rual health machinery in panvel tahshil navi Mumbai40,000BCUDCompleted
    02Dr. R. S. MhatreScare City of Water in Rural Area30,000BCUDCompleted
    03Dr. R. S. MhatreA Critical Study of Costal Saline Soil of Panvel Tahsil in Raigad District10,000Veer Wajekar A.S.C. College, UranOngoing
  • Research Publications:
  • Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Number of Research Papers/Books published in Peer Reviewed/International/National Journal
    01Dr. R. S. Mhatre

    Book & Souvenir– 03

    Journal – 03

  • Conferences/Symposia/Seminars/Workshops: 
    Sr. No.
    Name of Teacher
    Theme of Conferences/Symposia/Seminars/Workshops
    1.Dr. V.S. MahaleRecent Trends in Impact of Environmental Pollution on Biodiversity & Human HealthState6th & 7th Jan 2012
    2Dr. V.S. MahaleMumbai District Athletic SeminarState28 Jun 2012
    3Dr. V.S. MahaleNew Horizons of Rural DevelopmentState25 Feb 2012
    4Dr. V.S. MahaleEconomic Development & Environment IssuesNational25 Aug 2012
    5Dr. V.S. MahaleRevised Syllabus & Credit Based Grading SystemUniversity05th  Oct 2012
    6Dr. V.S. MahaleCredit Based Grading SystemUniversity06th  Oct 2012
    7Dr. V.S. MahaleHigher Education in South Asia – Crisis & ChallengesInternational11 & 12th Dec 2012
    8Dr. V.S. MahaleCredit Based Grading SystemUniversity3rd Sept  2013
    9Dr. V.S. MahaleRevised Syllabus & Credit Based Grading SystemUniversity4rd Sept  2013
    10Dr. V.S. MahaleCareer GuidanceUniversity23rd Dec 2013
    11Dr. V.S. MahaleExtension Education & Rural CommunitiesInternational6th & 7th April 2013
    12Dr. V.S. MahaleRecent Trends in Geography & Rural DevelopmentNational12th Jan 2013
    13Dr. V.S. MahalePre-Ph.D. CourseUniversity30th Sept & 1st Oct 2014
    14Dr. V.S. MahaleResearch MethodologyUniversity7th March 2014
    15Dr. V.S. MahaleRegulation of Marketing of Agricultural Commodities: APMC MarketInternational2nd & 3rd June 2014
    16Dr. V.S. MahaleTrends in Horticulture Based Agro-IndustryNational26th Feb 2015
    17Dr. V.S. MahaleA Tool for Socio-Economic DevelopmentInternational24th &25th April 2015
    18Dr. V.S. MahaleChallenges to 21st Century IndiaNational15th &16th may 2015
    19Dr. V.S. MahaleChallenges in Life Sciences & Environment ManagementNational18th & 19th Dec 2015
    20Dr. V.S. MahaleRural India in 21st CenturyInternational27th Aug 2016
    21Dr. V.S. Mahalee-Content Development (ID Course)National23rd to 28th May 2016
    22Dr. V.S. Mahale

    Emerging Issues in Commerce, Management, Finance, Humanities & Extension


    International4th Feb 2017
    23Dr. V.S. MahaleWorkshop in Rural DevelopmentUniversity18th & 19th March 2017
    24Dr. V.S. MahaleRevised Syllabus of M.A. in Rural DevelopmentUniversity4th Sep 2017
    25Dr. V.S. MahaleWorkshop on Rural DevelopmentUniversity28th & 29th Sep 2017
    26Dr. V.S. MahaleTeaching Sustainable Development Goals & Climate Change Education for Safer PlanetUniversity1st Feb 2018
    27Dr. V.S. MahaleGlobalization & Marathi Literature TrendsInternational28th march 2018
    28Dr. V.S. MahaleMember of selection committee at BARNS College PanvelUniversity12th Feb 2019
    29Dr. V.S. MahaleRevised syllabus in the subject of Rural Development MA(Sem I & III)University21th Aug 2018
    30Dr. V.S. Mahale

    Wholistic Health and Well being

    ICWHW- 2018

    International23th Aug 2018
    31Dr. V.S. MahaleSubject orientation cum workshop in Rural DevelopmentUniversity20th Aug 2018
    32Dr. V.S. MahaleThree days workshop in research methodology in social sciencesUniversity25th to 27th Jan 2019
    33Dr. V.S. MahaleRevised syllabus M.A. Rural Development Sem II & IVUniversity28th Feb 2019
    34Dr. V.S. MahaleChallenges of Rural and Urban Development in IndiaNational19th Jan 2019
    35Dr. V.S. MahaleReconnecting with the principles and practices of tribal life : Past & PresentNational09th mar 2019
    01Dr. R. S. Mhatre Capital flows : opportunities and challenges for IndiaNational26-27th February, 2013
    02Dr. R. S. Mhatre Revised syllabus and credit based grading systemCollege4th September 2013
    03Dr. R. S. MhatreAttended Seminar on Career GuidanceCollege23rd Dec 2013
    04Dr. R. S. Mhatre Implications of water scarcity on Agriculture, Industry and EmploymentNational16th and 17th ferbruary-2015
    05Dr. R. S. MhatreAttended National seminar on “Issues in Agriculture SectorNational23rd January 2016
    06Dr. R. S. Mhatre Challenges in Life Science & Environmental ManagementNational18th & 19th December 2015
    07Dr. R. S. Mhatre Demonetization : Transforming IndiaNational1st march 2017
    08Dr. R. S. Mhatre “Common Bird Monitoring Programme”College6th February 2017
    09Dr. R. S. Mhatre “Avishkar  Research Convention : 2016-2017”College9th august 2016
    10Dr. R. S. MhatreWholistic health and wellbeingInternational22th &23th Aug 2019

Prominent Alumni:

Sr. No.
Name of Alumni
01Prafful Pandurang VashinekarLecturer
02Sumit Avinash MhatreLawyer
03Vishakha Chandrakant PatilLawyer
04Bhargav Damaji PatilLawyer , Sarpanch village Pagote
05Nishant GharatLawyer, Sarpanch village Navin Sheva
06Pavan Jaywant kamblePSI
07Nilam Maruti kadamRailway Clerk
08Sunny Bhargav PatilRailway Clerk
09Pranay Prabhakar patilMaharashtra Warehouse surveyor
10Nisha Ganesh GharatSenior Clerk
11Ganesh GharatForbes surveyor
12Kundan PatilContractor
13Kishore Dhanaji ThakurLawyer, Secretary uran bar association uran taluka
14Keval Manik GawandLawyer
15Amar Chandrakant patilLawyer
16Bharat MhatreLawyer
17Kishore Vilas PatilLawyer
18Sagar Sadanand  KaduLawyer, Panchayat Samitee Member
19Pritesh M BandaClerk Cidco
20Nilesh E  PatilYard Assistant
21Rohit PatilOperator
22Darshan S Patil Self Employment Success Enterprises
23Ghnashyam Anant GharatJunior Executive, International Cargo Terminal 
24Omkar Ankush PatilJunior Executive, International Cargo Terminal 
25Rushikesh Jagdish PatilJunior Executive, International Cargo Terminal 
26Shreyash GharatOperator Bharat Mumbai Container Terminal
27Mahesh dinkar ThakurGeneral Operator BPCL
28Navneet Bajrang PatilTechnician BPCL
29Sandeep Jaganath patilProcess Operator BPCL
30Mahadev Dattartreya PatilSurveyor Master Marine
31Mandar Naresh MhatreRTG Operator BMCT
32Satish Nandkumar KaduOperation supervisor BMCT
33Mayur Motiram DakeSales Executive Bajaj finance

Best & Innovative practices

Field Visits

Visit to karanja Fishermen’s co. Op. Society Karanja
Visit to Khar land Research Center Panvel
Visit to Non – Governmental organization Shantivan Panvel
Visit to Agricultural primary Market Committee Panvel
Visit to Raigad District Central co. Op. Bank
Visit to Primary Health Center Koproli
Visit to Project Affect Village Navin Sheva
Visit to Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Agriculture University, Dapoli, Dist Ratnagiri


  • Final year Student: B.A. 
  • Sr. No.
    Academic year
    Result in %
    University Result %
    012012 -13TYBA94.33%76.05%
    022013 -14TYBA75.00%69.64%
    032014 -15TYBA86.95% 
    042015 -16TYBA86.66%68.26%
    052016 -17TYBA89.65%60.16%
    062017 -18TYBA97.82%69.00%
  • Final Year Student: M.A.
Sr. No.
Academic year
Result in %
012012 -13MA100%
022013 -14MA86.00%
032014 -15MA100%
042015 -16MA100%
052016 -17MA100%
062017 -18MA


  • Rank Holder: B.A.
    Sr. No.
    Academic year
    Name of Student
    Marks obtained % / CGPA
    012012 -13Thakur Pratiksha Dayaghan75.33%
     Patil Vishakha Chandrakant73.50%
    022013 -14Patil Harshad Shivdas6.83  – A
     Bhoir Amruta Devidas6.67  – A
    032014 -15Madhavi Meena Datta7.00  – O
     Gharat Karan Vikas6.85  – A
    042015 -16Bhagat Shubhangi Ramnath6.19  – A
     Thakur Julinka Tulshidas6.19  – A
    052016 -17Mhatre Ravina Dharma6.83  – A
     Kadu Ankita Chandrakant6.83  – A
    062017 -18Thakur Dikshita Lahu7.00  – O
     Bhagat Dipika Rajendra6.65  – A
  • Rank Holder: M.A.
Sr. No.
Academic year
Name of Student
Marks obtained % / CGPA
012013 -14Kadam Nilam Maruti6.00  – A
 Thakur Bhavika Harishchandra6.00  – A
022014 -15Gawand Vanshree Vinayak6.81  – A
 Patil Vishakha Chandrakant6.75  – A
032015 -16Bhopi Neeta Keshav7.00  – O
 Kamble Pawan Jaywant7.00  – O
042016 -17Thakur Chaitali Pralahad7.00  – O
 Gharat Vinaya Sanjeev7.00  – O
052017 -18Patil Mayur Bhalchandra7.86  – O
 Patil Snehal Shrikrishna6.93  – A

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