Department of Commerce


1.   Year of Establishment:                       28th June 1989

2.       Name of Programme:                         B. Com./ M.Com

3.       Faculty:                                             03

a.       Prin. Dr. G T Sangale                Head of the Department

M.Com. M. Phil. Ph.D.

b.       Dr. S B Hasabe

M.Com. DHE. Ph. D.

c.       Dr. S B Ohol

M.Com. M.Phil. Ph.D.

4.       Supporting Staff:                                            Nil

5.       Student Profile:                                  

F. Y. B. Com.                                     130

S. Y. B. Com.                                     41

T. Y. B. Com.                                     49

Total Student Strength -                         220

M. Com.I                     -                       05

M.Com. II                    -                       02

6.       Infrastructure:


a.       Chairs :                                           02

b.       Table :                                            01

c.       Cupboard:                                      02

d.       Laptop :                                         01

e.       Projector :                                      01

f.        Department Cabin :                         01

g.       Classrooms:                                   05

7.       Teaching Methods Adopted:

a.       Lecture Method

b.       Problem Solving Method

c.       Power Point Presentation

d.       Group Discussion

e.       Seminar

f.        Poster presentation

8.       Participation in Institutional Activities: Social Responsibilities: Extension Activities:


·         Prin. Dr. Sangale G T

a.       Principal of the College

b.       Recognised Ph. D. Guide in the subject of Marketing Savitribai Phule University, Pune.

c.       Convener of Library Committee

d.       Convener of Core Committee

e.       Working Resources person near about 50 Seminars and Conferences.

f.        Working as member of selection committee of Assistant Professor of University.

·         Dr.Hasabe S B

a.       Convener of Commerce Association Committee

b.       HOD of Commerce

c.       PG recognition  

·         Dr. Ohol S B  

a.       Convener of Research & Consultancy Committee

b.       Convener of T Y B A/ B Com/ B Sc Examination Committee

c.       Convener of KarmaveerVidhyaprabodhoni Committee

d.       Member of Library Committee

e.       Member of Commerce Association Committee

f.        Member of Carrier oriented Courses Committee

g.       Life Member of Maharashtra State Commerce Association

h.       Chairman of  Uran Jan jagruti Grahak Manch

i.        Member of Bombay Management Association

j.        Chairman of LIC Committee Chondi College

k.       Subject Expert of Accountancy on Selection Committee of Assistant Professor.

l.        Convener of  Self Appraisal Committee



9.       Research Projects:                                          01

10.   Publications:

·         Prin.Dr. Sangale G T

a.       Books Publication :                          02

b.       Paper Publications (International):    03

c.       Paper Publication (National) :          02

d.       Paper Publication (State) :                03

·         Dr.Hasabe S B

a.       Book Publication:                           Nil      

b.       Paper Publication (International):    01

c.       Paper Publication (National):           02

d.       Paper Publication (State):                01

·         Dr.Ohol S B

a.       Book Publication:                           01

b.       Paper Publication (International):     04

c.       Paper Publication (National):           03

d.       Paper Publication (State):                30

e.       Impact Factor of Publication:           01

11.   SWOT Analysis:

1.       Strength -

a.       Results of all classes are excellent.

b.       Academic and Research contribution of faculty is Excellent

c.       All faculties are with Ph. D. Holders.

2.       Weakness -

a.       There is English medium language problem of students

b.       Some students are joining to work so problem of attendance of them.

3.       Opportunity -

a . Students have opportunities of jobs in JNPT and other logistic organisations.

b. To setup commerce lab.

4.       Challenges –

a.       To play key role in sustainable Development in this area.



12.   Awards and Recognitions:                              03

13.   Future Plans:

a.       To start Taxation Course.

b.       Talley Package Course to B.Com students and M.Com students.

c.       To submit Proposal of Major Research Project.