Support Services


1. National Service Scheme (N.S.S)

                                                        NOT ME BUT YOU.                                         

Program officers - 1.  Dr. Ghodke .S.V (P.O)

  1.     Dr. Thakkar A.N.
  2.       Mrs. Zende Z.C.

Aim - Development of competent and effective citizen and personality of the students                                                     

            Through the community services.

 Objectives--- 1) To gain skills in mobilizing community participation.

                         2) To practice national integration.

                         3) To acquire leadership qualities’ and democrat attitude.

                         4) To develop a sense of social and civic responsibility.

Information about Unit - 1. No. of P .O-03 (THREE units)

  1.           Allotted strength - 300
  2.   Actual Enrolled strength - 300
  3. Allotted strength for special camp – 150

N.S S Conducted following Activities from the Academic year - 2011-12 to 2015-16               

1) Civil Defense course

2) Tree plantation activity.

 3) General health check up camp

 4) Blood donation camp.

 5) Work on road safety week.

 6) Distribution of Diwali sweet and old cloth to tribal people.

 7) Special annual camp at Dhutum, Veshvi, Chirner

8) Volunteers’ present for Republic Day flag hoisting ceremony.

9) N.S.S Residential camp

10) Cleaning of college camps.

11) Celebration of Constitutional Day, Voters Day, Youth Dauy, N.S.S Day.

12) Hemoglobin and Blood group Checking Camp

13) Lectures of eminent personalities on social themes such as 

        Personality development health and hygiene.     

14).Voters   Awareness’ Programme

15) Cashless Awareness Programme



                                                                                    Program officers

                                                                                  Dr. Ghodke .S.V




Vision - Extraordinary Youth Leaders


Mission-To nurture inspiring leaders and committed citizens through adventurous and  

                Military related activities.


Participation and achievements -

       The NCC unit of our college was started in academic year 2011-12.The unit is associated to 4 SIG MAH NCC MUM ‘A’ Group a NCC Directorate of Maharashtra. The aim of this activity is to develop qualities of Character, Courage, Comradeship, Leadership, Secular outlook, Spirit of adventure and the ideas of selfless Service among youth and to create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth that can take leadership in all walks of life notable. Achievements and participations are as follows. (2011-12 to 2015-16)                         


  1. Cadet Sushil Sharma got Gold Medal in state level ATC Camp in 2011-12 .He is selected

     in Indian Army.

  1. Cadet Govind Pawar got Best Firer Medal in Rifle Shutting in 2012-13.
  2. Cadet Vashistha Yadav got Gold Medal in Piloting Competition at Merath (U.P.) in


  1. Cadet Shubham Rane got Gold Medal in Guard of Honor in ATC CUM TSC Camp in


  1. Cadet Pratik Patil selected as a Table Drill in CATC Camp in Nov.2014-15.
  2. Many cadets have actively participated in National Integration Camps, National Army Base

     Camp, Thal Sainik Camp, Road Safety Camp by   RTO.

  1. Besides this College also involves the NCC Cadets in various College Function like Blood Donation Camp, Independence and Republic Day Celebration, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, Run for Unity, College Annual Sports.
  2. Participation in N.C.C Day camp at Colaba.
  3. Cadet Milan Gawand got silver medal medal in state level CATC camp and cadet Pranay Thakur got Gold medal in cross country and poster presentation competition at Ghatkopar (Mumbai) in June 2015.
  4. Cadet Kunal Ranjve got Gold medal in Drill Marching and cadet Akshay Ingale got Silver medal competition in state level CATC camp at Virar (Mumbai) in July 2015.
  5. Cadet Aniket Khandage and Cadet Vivek Patil selected National level Shivaji Trial Treck camp at Kolhapur in December 2015.
  6. 20 cadet selected in Army Attachment Camp in NDA, Aundh, Pune for 15 days Training on 5th Dec 2016 to 19th Dec 2016.
  7. 10 Cadet participated in State Level Activity, “Coffee with V.C” University of Mumbai CKT College, New Panvel on 6th Jan 2017.




Captain Dr.R.S.Mhatre


email:ramesh mhatre 112 @


3. Gyamkhana

             Our students have consistently achieved notable success in various sports as well as athletic events at the intercollegiate, inter-university, zonal, state, national & international levels.

            Vision and Mission:-

  1. To make students physically fit.
  2. To develop the personality of students.
  3. To enhance leadership among the students.
  4. To keep co-operation among the students.
  5. To examine the qualities of the sportsmen.
  6. To develop ability among the sportsmen for facing intercollegiate competition.
  7. To enhance ability among students for achieving intercollegiate prizes.


  • One of the largest multipurpose sports grounds in the region.
  • Exclusive courts for kabaddi & kho-kho & a cricket pitch.
  • Gymnasium is well equipped for students & staff.
  • Coaches are invited for kabaddi, cricket & karate.
  • A. & D.A. paid & special allowances given to university selected students for tournaments.
  • Track suits, sports shoes & sports kits are given to deserving sportsmen.
  • Indoor game facilities available such as table tennis, chess & carrom.

Every year our gymkhana department organizes Annual Sports Meet consisting of various athletic events, cricket & kabaddi matches for improving their play skills & make them ready for further university level competition.



                                                                                                         Dr.Vilas Mahale



4. Women Development cell

   Established in 1994

 Aim- 1) To create awareness of female potential                         

Objectives - 1) To direct women role in society.

                      2) To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality.

          3) To prevent sexual harassment of female students, teaching, non teaching women staff and promote their general welling.

                      4) To create social awareness about the problem of women’s and particular regarding gender discrimination                        

Women Development cell conducted following activities from the year-

2011-12 to 2015-16

1) One day workshop on Recycling of Materials.

2) Celebration of International Women Day.

3) Demonstration & lecture on Yoga.

 4) Lectures on laws related Women.

5) Lecture on problems of women, health and remedies.

6) Celebrations of Death Anniversary of  Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil

7) Lecture on Women laws of safety and protection

8) Elocution on Save Daughter  

9) Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Phule .

10) Celebration of International Women Day

11) Two Days Workshop on Pre-Marital Counseling



                                                           Mrs.Ratnaprabha Ajit Naik (O.S)




  • Introduction:

               YCMU center has been commenced in Veer Wajekar A.S.C. College Phunde since 2009. The number of this center is a 3263A. The most of the students are taking the education from this center those who have not completed their education due to different reasons. These students are belonged from remote areas. The some students are working elsewhere but now a days; these students are also taking education from this center. The time of these courses is a 12.00 to 3.30 p.m. The lectures have been delivering by different professors of this college. Prof. Kenger D.A. has been working as Incharge of this center last two years.  Shri. Mhatre R.H. and Shri. P.J. Gharat both are working in this center.

  • Amis and Objectives:
  • To make awareness about the education among the students
  • To provide authentic education to the students
  • To make a growth in education
  • To develop the skills of the students
  • Courses:
  • A.
  • Com
  • YCMU Committee:

Sr. No




Hon.Prin. Dr. G.T. Sangale



Prof. Kengar D.A.



Shri. Mhatre R.H.

Lab Attendant


Shri. Gharat P.J.




                                                                                                                       Prof. Kengar D.A.


                           “Education excellence without borders”

                        The central placement cell was established in June 2011-12 year in our college. Student to cater the needs of students to face the competitive job market.Students counseling & career series has become the need of “Hour” for the students graduating in wide variety of discipline, V.W.A.S.C. College at present recognized for education excellence in the fields of Arts, Commerce, Science, Arts, Law, Engineering, Fine arts and also in the research and development as well as in socioeconomics equality. The motto of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s   is “Education through self help”. Students provide learning blended with excellence to create leads tomorrow. The dynamics & constantly evolving academic programmers reflect V.W.A.S.C. college commitment to stay in tune with the expanding frontiers of knowledge worldwide. The extracurricular activities are also treated with equal importance towards overall development, making student to make on challenges faced in the competitive corporate world. The mission of the placement cell is to create an ambience in which new ideas& creativity flourishes.

                   Placement cell are the official arbitrators for campus placement in various organizations corporate world, and using & private sectors. Placement officer who primarily coordinates activities on two paths of campus placements & coordination with industry/institution and company HR and to execute students’ employability enhancement.     

The placement office is well equipped with excellent infrastructure as mentioned below to support every stages of the placement process.

  • End to end online system for recruiters and students.
  • Auditorium of sufficient capacity to conduct pre -placement presentations.
  • Interview Rooms.
  • Fully computerized Office.
  • Infrastructure to support online & written, screening tests.
  • The role of placement officer is collecting the data base and verification of resumes.

Chairman’s Message                                            

                Placements play vital role in meeting the career aspirations of each students. Globalization has generated tremendous employment in India. Since the economic liberalization policies in 1990s the employment scenario in the country has significantly improved. Market liberalization policies, growth of new segments in the market, improvement in the standard of living & government initiatives has changed the scenario of employment.

                India is a country with the highest number of youths. It has become centre of attraction for foreign companies. The field like chemical industries, pharma industries, polymer, engineering, IT, thermal power stations, roads, shipping, railways, biotechnology etc. need a large human resource. These fields have boosted development of other sectors like banking, insurance, logistics, health services, communication etc.

               Rayat Shikshan Sanstha is working with mission of educating the masses. It is striving for excellence by implementing various schemes and programmes. To meet the global needs, it has decided to provide quality human resource to the country by establishing a Training & Placement Cell at Sanstha level. This Cell will monitor the placement activities centrally and the colleges will be motivated to organize placement activities of their own. The Placement Officer of the Sanstha will coordinate the coordinators of the placement Cell of all colleges.


  • The placement cell has conducted following activities.
  • Personality development course for making students employable.
  • Interaction with industries.
  • Recruitment drives.
  • Development of English Communication Skills.
  • Career Counselling.
  • Particulars of selected students

Sr. no.



    Selected data


      T C S( 30/01/2014)

      T C S



Sanika Chemicals( 27/02/2014)

      T C S



      FCICI Bank

    Neeta kapoor





                                                                                     Prof. M.C.Sonawale, 

                                                                    9920305199, aryappa@yahoo




Aims and Objectives:-

  • To provide exposures to the hidden talents of students.
  • To develop overall personality of the students.
  • To create awareness among the students regarding traditional culture.
  • To develop confidence of Representation.


 Activities Undertaken:-

  • Students participation in Elocution, Singing, Dance, Essay Writing, Drawing, Poster Presentation, Rangoli, Mehendi, Antakshri Competition in cultural programme ‘TARANG’.
  • Celebration of Birth and Death Anniversaries of National Heroes and Social reformers.
  • Celebration of Independence Day, Teachers Day, Karmveer Jayanti and Death Anniversary, Republic Day, Veer Wajekar Jayanti & Death Anniversary.
  • Participation of various activities organized by Mumbai University and Karmveer Vidya Prabodhini Of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara.
  • Priyanka Mali got 1st prize of Rs.5000/-

             Kum.Sateja Thakur got second prize Rs.3000/-

        In State Level Elocution competition on “ Pani Adava Pani Jirava”  At Jasai.

  • Vishwajit Koli got 3rd prize in Drawing Competition held by University of Mumbai at Mahad.




                                                                                                  Prof. Gosavi R.L