NSS Work

National Service Scheme (N.S.S)

  NOT ME BUT YOU.                                         

Program officers - 1.  Dr. Ghodke .S.V (P.O)

  1.     Dr. Thakkar A.N.
  2.       Mrs. Zende Z.C.

Aim - Development of competent and effective citizen and personality of the students                                                     

            Through the community services.

 Objectives--- 1) To gain skills in mobilizing community participation.

                         2) To practice national integration.

                         3) To acquire leadership qualities’ and democrat attitude.

                         4) To develop a sense of social and civic responsibility.

Information about Unit - 1. No. of P .O-03 (THREE units)

  1.           Allotted strength - 300
  2.   Actual Enrolled strength - 300
  3. Allotted strength for special camp – 150

N.S S Conducted following Activities from the Academic year - 2011-12 to 2015-16               

1) Civil Defense course

2) Tree plantation activity.

 3) General health check up camp

 4) Blood donation camp.

 5) Work on road safety week.

 6) Distribution of Diwali sweet and old cloth to tribal people.

 7) Special annual camp at Dhutum, Veshvi, Chirner

8) Volunteers’ present for Republic Day flag hoisting ceremony.

9) N.S.S Residential camp

10) Cleaning of college camps.

11) Celebration of Constitutional Day, Voters Day, Youth Dauy, N.S.S Day.

12) Hemoglobin and Blood group Checking Camp

13) Lectures of eminent personalities on social themes such as 

        Personality development health and hygiene.     

14).Voters   Awareness’ Programme

15) Cashless Awareness Programme



                                                                                    Program officers

                                                                                  Dr. Ghodke .S.V